BMW NBT Hakkında

Merhaba, NBT ile ilgili içerik ve paylaşımları Telegram üzerinden bulabilirsiniz. Telegram, WhatsApp benzeri bir mesajlaşma uygulamasıdır. Özelliği geçmişteki tüm içerikleri görebilmeniz ve özgürce paylaşım yapılabilmesidir. BMW NBT paylaşım ve yardımlaşma grubu için link:

New SOC 2 Report Available: Privacy

Maintaining your trust is an ongoing commitment of ours, and your voice drives our growing portfolio of compliance reports, attestations, and certifications. As a result of your feedback and deep interest in privacy and data security, we are happy to announce the publication of our new SOC 2 Type I Privacy report. Keeping you informed … Devamını oku…

New podcast: VP of Security answers your compliance and data privacy questions

Does AWS comply with X program? How about GDPR? What about after Brexit? And what happens with machine learning data? In the latest AWS Security & Compliance Podcast, we sit down with VP of Security Chad Woolf, who answers your compliance and data privacy questions. Including one of the most frequently asked questions from customers … Devamını oku…

Critical SQLite Flaw Leaves Millions of Apps Vulnerable to Hackers

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in widely used SQLite database software that exposes billions of deployments to hackers. Dubbed as ‘Magellan’ by Tencent’s Blade security team, the newly discovered SQLite flaw could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary or malicious code on affected devices, leak program memory or crash applications. SQLite is a